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Back Office

Though the back-office processes don't maintain a direct contact with the customer, they still have a great impact on the overall functioning of an enterprise. If a company doesn't take these processes seriously, the growth of the company will be hampered. You can enhance your revenue and overall business functions by outsourcing back office processes to The Support Element.

Back office services offered by The Support Element

The Support Element, we have a blend of latest technologies to deliver efficient solutions in a cost-effective manner. The back-office services include:

Data Entry / Data Management Assignments

Data Management is a critical activity in your organisation With proper use of data businesses can identify the pain areas and leverage on string points and focus on the essentials.

The Support Element offers excellent data processing and management services.

  • Data Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Verification & Extraction

Ticket Management - Managing Offline queues, Adding / deleting VAS

We at The Support Element help your organisation on how to simplify & streamline your help desk ticketing process by:

  • Eliminating complexity of help desk management
  • Lower time-to-resolution of IT tickets
  • Cut down operational costs
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

MIS / Reporting - Creating daily / weekly Reports, Dashboards

Reports form an integral part of any organization. Each team maintains a report of the tasks that have been conducted during the course of the day or the week. This helps discern the productivity of an employee, of a department and the organization as a whole. Reports are dominant base that help in taking some critical decisions about the progress in the future.

However, things become a puzzled maze if reports are not properly named and stored and are inaccessible when required. With Management Information System or MIS Reporting, we provide you with a centralized report management application to save all the required repots in a common place.

Our team will analyse and understand the reporting needs of the professionals in your organization. Spreadsheets are created accordingly encompassing all the required details. The format is created in such an easy to use format to help inculcate the habit of everyday reporting. If all the reports in your organization are managed well, it can help you with your business decisions.


Underwriting is an important function in Insurance and Mortgage companies. Every insurance and mortgage company have to maintain a underwriting department with well trained staff to manage the operations and functions. It involves understanding the customer expectation with respect to insurance and mortgage, checking the credibility of the customer through various mediums, cross verifying various documents including bank statements.

The underwriter should be able to distinguish different and various scenarios before taking a decision to cover the customer under insurance and mortgage. It involves handling direct customers, brokers and affiliates.

The job needs to be performed meticulously by checking required documents, search information through internet and reference checks. We have the expertise, experience and also have been trained by industry experts to perform these tasks.