About Us

About Us

With over 100+ years of cumulative experience in front-ending and supporting customers in various industry verticals, the veterans of this organization believe that Customer Service is not a department, but it’s everyone’s job. The core team with extensive hands-on experience in BPO-sector is a delivery-focussed team. They expertise in starting customer services from scratch and offer tailor-made services based on customer needs to keep commercials relevant.

The Support Element provides proactive, reactive, onsite and remote customer and IT support using advanced technologies and global partnerships.

The team focuses on not just resolving customer challenges but delivering value to customers using process-driven support systems, knowledgeable and experienced teams committed to making every contact experience satisfactory by delivering the right results.

Services offerings include Customer Support to handle customer queries and asks, Tech Support to resolve any system or process related challenges and Back Office Processing to support all administrative and data management functions for your organization.

Our Team

Sameer Srivastav

Chief Executive Officer

Sameer holds a Masters in Business and Administration (MBA) and has over twenty two years of experience with companies in global markets. He has helped organisations open new markets and set up their Contact Centres in South East Asia, North America, East Africa, China and India. He has led domestic and global business for Start-Ups to set up their end-to-end sales engine and generate revenue from scratch to USD 5.15 Million within nine to twelve months.

Mrudula Deshpande

Chief Operating Officer

Mrudula has 15+ years of experience in big technology companies such as Infosys and EdgeVerve. She has led many programs as Product Manager, Functional Consultant and Senior Project Manager covering the globe. A domain expert in Contact Centre business, FMCG and Retail, she believes in understanding customer needs and problems, and collaborates to propose cost effective, and efficient solutions.

Sandip Kumar Patra

Chief Technology Officer

Sandip is a serial entrepreneur and a product centric technology geek. He is a firm believer in technology as an enabler in solving customer problems. He has an MBA in product leadership and has about 15+ years of experience in building products for various insurance companies and Insure Tech startups. When he is not busy with his technology projects ,he is practising his investing muscles reading annual reports or sweating it out learning a new sport.


Project Manager

Sunil comes with 10 years of experience in Contact Center Operations, Sales and Marketing. Having worked with Accenture, he brings with him specialized expertise of handling multiple stakeholders in a contact center. He is an expert in laying down the measurable operational metrics, MIS, process and support staff on the job training.